60 Years for Year 6

60 Years for Year 6 – School Excursion Hobart

A Historical Walking Challenge for primary schools: year 6
(Mapped to the National Curriculum)

 Big Question: What were the challenges of becoming a modern Hobart in the early 1900s?

 Summary of activity – School Excursion Hobart, Tasmania

60 Years for Year 6 will challenge you, you will need to apply your knowledge and understanding of Hobart’s history (listen carefully) and your inquiry skills to pose questions, reflect, and communicate to resolve the scenarios with which you are faced. Creativity, team work, problem solving and negotiation skills will serve you well and ensure you can thrive in Hobart’s transformation from colony to state during 1890 to 1950.

60 Years for Year 6 is an engaging and highly interactive school excursion opportunity designed for students in year 6. Students will be presented with scenarios at strategic locations around Hobart CBD to leave with a first-hand experience of the challenges faced by a range of historic characters in Hobart during the period 1890 – 1950.

All students are given a character. Each student will determine what impact their particular character had on each scenario and will actively role-play their character’s response. The Game Facilitator will reveal information at key locations allowing the students to learn about the development of Hobart from a British colony then make connections on how these developments present opportunities or challenges to their specific character. The excursion is led by experts in Hobart’s history and is flexible enough to meet your needs.

60 Years for Year 6 is aligned to meet outcomes in the Australian Curriculum in HASS for year 6.

Humanities and Social Sciences Outcomes

60 Years for Year 6 is aligned to meet outcomes in the Australian Curriculum in History and Civics and Citizenship for years 6 in Knowledge and Understandings, and Inquiry Skills for year 6.

General Capabilities Outcomes

Critical and Creative Thinking is essential for students to experience all the scenarios presented in the time period allowed for the game. As stated in the curriculum throughout this experience students will implement exactly these outcomes – “…imagining probable, possible and preferred outcomes in relation to social, environmental, economic and civic sustainability and issues in context. They think creatively about appropriate courses of action and develop plans for personal and collective action. They develop enterprising behaviours and capabilities to imagine possibilities, consider alternatives, test hypotheses, and seek and create innovative solutions, and think creatively about the impact of issues on their own lives and the lives of others.”

Personal and Social Capabilities are demonstrated for students taking part in the 60 Years for Year 6 activity. As stated in the curriculum throughout this activity students will implement exactly these outcomes – “As students gain understanding about human experience, past and present, and about their own interconnectedness to people and places across local and global settings, they identify issues and others’ perspectives which inform reflective practice, empathy, communication skills, teamwork and advocacy.” And, “Through working collaboratively in the classroom, in the field and in virtual contexts, students develop their interpersonal and social skills, learning to appreciate the different insights and perspectives of other group members, developing skills to plan, problem-solve, negotiate and lead. Historical, geographical, civic and economic studies inform students’ personal identity and sense of belonging and offer opportunities to consider ways of contributing to their communities.”

Background Learning – pre-excursion details

60 Years for Year 6  can be completed at any time throughout your unit of inquiry – beginning, middle or end.

We recommend a maximum of 15 students in each excursion group, lead by one of your educators as the game facilitator.

The 60 Years for Year 6 program includes all materials for the self-guided city walk and five background learning classroom sessions.

In the 60 Years for Year 6 educators pack is detailed information on the most effective way to select and allocate the character roles to students.


Full details on the self-guided CBD city walk tour route are provided, starting at the waterfront and finishing at Parliament House. Most groups find they complete the 60 Years for Year 6 city walk in about 2 hours, including a short snack and bathroom break.

Mapping to the National Curriculum

Please click here to read or download the 60 Years for Year 6 Curriculum mapping document

How to get your hands on the 60 Years for Year 6 Kit

In March 2020 the 60 Years for Year 6 program underwent a process of review and restructure to bring it more in line with physical distancing protocols.

The result is a very exciting program which is now more available to a wider range of student groups and educators.

Please use the contact form below and let us know your group size and we will be in touch shortly.