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A Unique Experience

Colonial Quest, and 60 Years for Year 6, go way beyond the traditional  static delivery of history with a bunch of dates, timelines and buildings.

Each programs provides you with a deeply researched, immersive experience that will engage your students on a wide range of learning and developmental levels.

Your students will find it hard to stop talking about what they have learned.

Each kit includes 5 classroom sessions investigating a different aspect of the time. The program concludes with the self-guided Hobart CBD city walk interactive game where the student participants role play their historic character in order to achieve their quest.

The city walk is a vital part of the experience. When you take a walk you travel slowly. You absorb more, interact more, experience more. You stop and run your hands over the intricate stone work of our beautiful heritage listed buildings, crafted by skilled convict stonemasons. Walking allows you to linger longer at sites of great drama, to reflect at sites of great sorrow, to follow the route of corruption and discrimination, adventure and achievement against the odds. Walking brings you into the depth of the city, hidden away places and into the footsteps of those who made the history.

With our interactive historical walking experiences your students will become  engaged in Hobart’s history in a meaningful, memorable and fun way.

Robyn Everist

Historical researcher, writer and program creator.

Robyn Everist started Hobart Walking Tours in 2010 and has created the content for these programs from her own in-depth research and extensive knowledge of Hobart’s colonial past and contemporary culture.

A voracious reader of books about the people, architecture and history of Hobart and Tasmania, Robyn  is also a recognised key note speaker and presenter at educational conferences and events.

A meticulous researcher and skilled communicator, Robyn is particularly good at drawing on her extensive knowledge to create interesting, engaging learning content. She has distilled all of this into the two programs: Colonial Quest and 60 Years for Year 6.

Robyn’s areas of expertise include:

Convicts and Australian penal colonies
Hobart’s heritage architecture
All things grim and grisly in colonial Hobart
Whaling in Tasmania
Antarctic exploration and natural history
Open House Hobart architecture  tour guide
Female Convict Research Centre
Tasmanian Historical Research Association
Pint of History key note speaker
Bachelor of Arts  – University of Tasmania